24 hrs in Chicago

umbrellas and crosswalk chinatown union station bus color lensbaby millenium park solo red chairs chicago boy scouts union station chicago nuns union station bw chicago nuns union station color


Chicago, Illinois ©Copyright Laura Yurs 2014


Strawberry Festival

The Joy of the Banjo


Strawberry Festival: Indianapolis, Indiana  ©Copyright Laura Yurs 2014

Yashica MAT 124 g, Tri-x 400

Bus Stop Series


© Copyright Laura Yurs 2014

52 Weeks of Polaroids as a Family

For my birthday this past year, I received a Fuji Instax and, subsequently, fell in love.  I’m always looking for creative ways to engage as a family and the Instax provided a wonderful opportunity.  I asked my husband and kids if they’d be interested in joining me on a 52 week project of documenting our lives through Polaroids.  They were game.  At Christmas time, I reached out to local artist Megan Winn of The Binding Bee to design a Polaroid photo album for our family. Just a few days before Christmas, she hand delivered THIS beauty!!  It. Is. Gorgeous.  It’s made from reclaimed leather which is perfect for a project with our children.  Well worn and loved, we never mind if it gets scratched.  Megan added our names and date to the front.  It’s the ultimate keepsake!  Take a look:

Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-1

I love this old fashioned brass key and all of the scratches in the leather.

Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-2

Hearts cut out by my daughter.  She wanted to add them to the front.

Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-4

The heavy weight paper is hand stitched and beautiful.

Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-9

Each family member is responsible for a week.  We drew names from a hat to decide the order.  No rules!  You can photograph anything you wish.  Once the Polaroid is taken, we use acid free tape to add the image to the album.  Family members can sign their names/initials, write messages, or draw.  Sometimes we just add the photos…Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-5Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-6

We’re into our fourth month and everyone still looks forward to documenting their week!

Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-7Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-8Binding Bee Polaroid Journal-3

I love that we’re creating this as a family.  I love that the kids are documenting what they see and that it’s not just digital images.  I love watching them pull the Polaroid from the camera and hearing them whisper as it develops.  Magic….



©Copyright Laura Yurs 2014

©Copyright Laura Yurs 2014

Friday Afternoon


© Copyright Laura Yurs All Rights Reserved 2014 Indianapolis, Indiana

7am at The Hours

I’m thrilled to announce a new photography project that I’ll be participating in this year. We are a collective photography project involving 33 women across the globe documenting a particular hour each month. Check this link to learn a little bit more about us: The Hours

Our first post goes live *this Sunday* as we document the 7 o’clock hour. We hope you will join us! If you don’t follow blogs and would like to follow our journey, we have a facebook page that will be updated with posts and information:  The Hours on Facebook

You can follow us here: Twitter: @thehours2014

You can play along here: The Hours on Flickr



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